Annual value of time spenton trains calculator

What is the value of time spent on trains per year?

The Annual Value of Time Spent on Trains Calculator will enable you to work out how much your daily commute is costing you. Firstly, work out how much an hour of your time is worth by dividing your salary by the number of working days in the year (remember to deduct your holiday allowance), and then again by the number of working hours in the day. Then work out how many hours per day you are spending 'in transit'.

So why might the Annual Value Of Time Spent On Trains Calculator be useful to you? If you spend a significant of time travelling to and from work each week, you could arrange to bring your computer on the train to keep up with your emails, take care of some phone calls on the train, or even work a day a week from home (if your occupation allows for this). This would enable you to make more effective use of your working week.

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