Annualised hourly wage calculator

What is my annual salary based on my hourly wage?

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The Annualised Hourly Wage Calculator will help you to work out your annual wage from the amount that you are paid hourly. This is particularly useful if you are temping and work a set number of hours each week. Your timesheet will not necessarily tell you what your hourly wage equates to annually. Alternatively if you work in a bar or restaurant, or even in some sales roles, you might find it useful to know what your wage works out to in terms of an annual salary.

The Annualised Hourly Wage Calculator assumes that you are working the UK average of 1652 hours per week, and takes into consideration both the statutory UK work holidays and the minimum amount of annual holiday that a UK employee is entitled to. If you are applying for a full-time or salaried position for the first time and have only been working on a part-time or pro rata basis previously, the Annualised Hourly Wage Calculator is a great way of calculating the salary you should be expecting to receive when you move roles.

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