Boat lease versus buy calculator

Should I buy or lease a boat?

If you are a sailing fan and you have been considering purchasing your own boat, you can use the Boat Lease Versus Buy Calculator to work out whether it is more cost-effective to continue leasing a boat or to take the plunge and invest in your own. There are a number of factors that you should consider if you are planning to buy a boat. The first is the likelihood of depreciation. It's likely that your boat will drop significantly in value the first time that you take it out on the open sea, so if you are planning on buying a boat as an investment, you will have to take extreme care to keep it in an excellent condition.

The second factor to consider is the insurance on your boat. If you are leasing the boat the hire company will have included insurance in the overall cost of the hire, but if you are buying your own, you will need to allow for this protection within your budget. There is also the issue of maintenance. You should be prepared to pay for an annual mooring for the boat, as well as regular cleaning and servicing. Once you have used the Boat Lease Versus Buy Calculator and you feel that purchasing your own vessel is the course of action you'd like to take, you can fill out our short form and apply for a quote on a boat loan from an experienced loan adviser.

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