How much can I save by car sharing?

How much can I save by sharing car journeys?

Once a purely US-based concept, car sharing has now made its way over to the UK. Use the Car Sharing Savings Calculator to work out how much money you are saving each month by either driving someone to work, or choosing to ride with someone else. In the first instance, you are receiving a financial contribution to the petrol, insurance and general upkeep of your car, and in the second, you are saving on petrol and parking by making the use of someone else's passenger space.

Ask around among your friends and acquaintances to identify someone who follows the same commuter route as you each day, and approach them with the idea of car sharing as a way of saving some money. It may be that you decide to alternative vehicles so that one person does not do all the driving, or alternatively it may be that your car becomes unnecessary if you are no longer using it for the daily commute. Either way, use the Car Sharing Savings Calculator to work out how much it would save you to share. As an added bonus, you are also helping the environment and contributing to lower traffic levels on the road.

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