Computer lease versus buy calculator

Should I buy or lease a computer?

A computer can be an extremely expensive purchase, so use the computer lease versus buy calculator to work out whether it is worth the financial outlay. Enter the amount that it would cost to buy the calculator that you have your eye on. Then enter the amount that it would cost you to rent the same calculator over a set period of time - it's worth shopping around to see whether you can get a number of quotes on rental deals, because the cost of renting a computer can vary significantly between shops.

Finally, enter the approximate resale value of the computer that you're planning to buy, if you sold it after the same amount of time your rental contract lasts. The Computer Lease Versus Buy Calculator will then work out whether it works out to be more cost-effective for you to rent or buy a computer. When looking for quotes on buying a computer, remember to look online as well as in high-street retailers, as the lower overheads involved in selling electronics online often results in much more competitive pricing.

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