Cost of holiday per person calculator

How much does our holiday cost per person?

If you're planning a group holiday, the Cost Of Holiday Per Person Calculator is a great way of working out the total outlay for each individual on the trip. Sometimes trips are far more cost-effective if you book as a group, and hotels will often charge supplements for single travellers, or at least for those wishing to stay in single rooms. Therefore, it's not always straightforward to work out how much each person is paying for the holiday, because the cost decreases exponentially depending on the number travelling.

Enter all of the various costs into the calculator, including the travel, the transfer costs, accommodation, food and all the additional expenses. If you have found a deal whereby your accommodation includes the cost of your food, then you do not need to enter this as a separate cost - although do be aware that 'full board' accommodation does not always include the cost of alcoholic drinks so you may have to include this separately. When you have entered all the costs into the appropriate fields, simply enter the number of people who are travelling, and the Cost of Holiday Per Person Calculator will calculate the total cost of the holiday per traveller.

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