Cost of tutoring services calculator

How much will private tutoring cost?

Private tutoring is becoming more and more popular as the competition for good school and university places increases. The Cost of Tutoring Services Calculator helps you to work out the level of investment involved in providing tutoring for your child over a set period of time. It is common to pay for tutoring prior to a major set of exams, for example, during the Easter holidays before GCSE or A-level exams. Of course, if you have to pay for several months' worth of extra tutoring, this can quickly mount up.

Using the Cost of Tutoring Services calculator, you can determine whether it is worth starting to save up several years ahead of your child's benchmark exams, just in case they need some additional support outside of their school. Start by researching the cost of tutoring per hour for the subject that your child will be studying. You'll need to factor in inflation if you're planning several years ahead. Then enter this amount into the calculator and also enter the number of weeks for which tutoring will be required, and the number of hours for which the tuition will be required each week. The Cost of Tutoring Services calculator will calculate the amount that you need to set aside to cover this cost.

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