Cost savings from switching telephone providers

How much can I save by switching telephone providers?

When was the last time that you shopped around for a new telephone provider? The Cost Savings From Switching Telephone Providers calculator will help you to decide whether you are getting the best deal on your home phone provision currently or whether you would be better off switching to a new provider. Firstly you need to work out how much you are currently paying. If you get your home phone line, your broadband and your television from different suppliers this should be an easy thing to determine.

However, if you originally signed up to a package deal, you'll need to ask your provider how much this particular service is currently costing you. The next step is to use our 'Switching' service to determine the best deals on home telephone lines in your local area. Then use the Cost Savings From Switching Telephone Providers calculator to see if your new deal beats your existing one.

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