Daily (weekdays only) university education cost calculator

How much does a university education cost per weekday?

If you're curious to know how much it is costing you every weekday to be at university, use our Daily (weekdays Only) University Education Cost Calculator. It can be difficult to take all of your costs into consideration when creating a budget - purely because university costs tend to add up quite quickly and it's easy to lose track of everything that you have spent money on. Go through all of the fields and think about how much you are likely to spend on all of these things in the course of one month.

If you are already attending university, look at your bank statements from any given month to see how much you spent. Then multiply the costs by twelve to get the figure for spending over the course of an entire year. Make sure that when you enter 'food and utilities' costs you factor in takeaways and meals out in restaurants as well as groceries. Also, when you are considering your 'transportation' expenses, remember that taxis at the end of a night out do still count! Check if your local bus or train company offers a term-time travel pass, as this can often work out far cheaper than buying individual tickets. The Daily (weekdays Only) University Education Cost Calculator can make budgeting for a year of university much easier to manage.

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