Discounted price calculator

What is the price after discount?

If you're planning on hitting the sales or you are an expert haggler and want to secure yourself a discount on a new purchase, the Discounted Price Calculator offers a quick way of determining the new price of an item after your discount has been applied. The calculator has a number of uses. If you have a discount card for eating out, or you have used a website such as which applies a discount to the food bill in selected restaurants, you can work out in advance the cost of your meal.

If you're planning to buy a car, it's likely that you will have found out the standard price in advance. Since it's fairly standard practice to haggle with the salesman to get the car at a lower price to the showroom deal, you can use the Discounted Price Calculator to work out in advance what your target price should be. No bargain hunter should be without this calculator!

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