Family spending on cigarettes calculator

How much is our family spending on cigarettes?

The Family Spending On Cigarettes Calculator helps you calculate the amount your family is spending on smoking each month. To get started, calculate each person's weekly consumption of cigarettes and add in the money spent per week on purchasing them. Write this in the first tab. In the next tab, key in your total income after income tax and other deductions such as your National Insurance Contributions.

Press calculate and the calculator will give you the exact percentage share of your after-tax income spent on cigarettes every month by the entire family. The Family Spending On Cigarettes Calculator is a fun and quirky calculator which can be used to do some serious thinking, motivate you to get rid of bad habits and or just collectively cut down on your smoking, as well as help you to figure out the total proportion of your income spent on smoking each month. Make sure you enter the tax-deducted income to ensure correct data figures.

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