Family spending on entertainment calculator

How much is our family spending on entertainment?

If you are trying to make savings to your monthly household budget, the Family Spending On Entertainment Calculator is a great tool for helping you to work out how much each family member is spending on television, video games and going out. Perhaps you could ask everyone to take 5 minutes to write down their monthly spend on entertainment - and explain the importance of giving an honest assessment!

Alternatively if you control the monthly budget and apportion an allowance to each of your children, use this figure to determine the entertainment spends. Next, enter the total income you receive each month, after income tax, national insurance and any other deductions have been accounted for. The calculation will let you know what percentage of your monthly take-home pay is being spent on entertainment. Is this a larger percentage than you expected? If so, perhaps the Family Spending On Entertainment Calculator will represent your first step on the road to better household budgeting.

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