Family spending on food calculator

How much is our family spending on food?

Do you know how much your family spends on food each month? Use the Family Spending On Food Calculator to work out how much the family food spend equates to as a percentage of your monthly take-home pay. Don't forget that you need to account for not only your grocery shopping but also take-aways and eating out in restaurants - those costs that can eat away at your budget without you realising!

Make a note of each family member's monthly food spend, and then enter this, along with your monthly post-tax pay, into the Family Spending On Food Calculator. The result will show you the percentage of your total household income that goes on food each month. If this figure is higher than you would have expected, there are a number of ways in which you can lower your household food bills. Try doing your weekly or monthly shop online, as this will help you to stick to the essentials and avoid the 'treats' on the way to the counter. This can also save you on petrol and time, as you can get the shopping delivered to your door at a time that is convenient.

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