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As part of Alexander Calder Financial Ltd, and with over 35 years experience, I aim to provide good service and excellent, impartial, independent advice in a way that can be clearly understood by my clients. Areas of expertise include: For individuals and Families: - Retirement - reviews and planning, - Life, Critical Illness and Health/sickness protection cover - Savings and Investments - reviews and planning, - Mortgage Protection cover - School/university fees/savings planning - Inheritance tax - mitigation, offsetting, and covering etc For businesses: - Directors, proprietors and partners - retirement reviews and planning - Staff Pension schemes - Group Death-in-service cover - Group PHI/sickness cover - Share purchase cover - Keyman cover - Loss of profits cover. etc So - if you would like good, clear, friendly, understandable advice about about any of these subjects, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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4401777 817767
Beeches Hall Drive Clayworth Retford, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE DN22 9AF


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