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Hello my name is Khuram Rana and I am an independent mortgage advisor specialising in Mortgages. My advice is unbiased and personalised to fit your individual needs. I bring the whole of the mortgage market to you including lenders who are not on the high street. We make lenders compete for your business unlike high street banks and do not sell your information like lead generating companies on the web. Contact me for a comparison of all lenders and see for yourself why we are in business and successful.

169 Ballymaguire Road in Dungannon, COUNTY_TYRONE BT71 5NN
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Asked by f_a_y_e_c
Answered by Khuram Rana, IFA in Dungannon, COUNTY_TYRONE
Yes you can have a second residential mortgage under your name. I would be very careful when dealing with this. Based on what you are saying: You are hoping to buy ...