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IFA at Ian Cooper in Sandbach, CHESHIRE


Matthew Burman, Independent Financial Adviser, is a partner at Positive Solutions one of the UK's leading, award winning Independent Financial Advisory firms and offers expert financial advice to both companies and individuals alike.Based in Stoke Bishop, Bristol with clients all over the South of England, I offer a professional, personal service that is uniquely tailored to each client’s individual needs. Practicing as an adviser since 1999 on the full spectrum of financial products I recognise that almost all long-term financial considerations are mutually linked or more often critically dependent. Therefore I offer an holistic approach covering all areas of financial planning incorporating Investments, Retirement planning, Mortgages and Financial Protection.

29 The Commons in Sandbach, CHESHIRE CW11 1FJ
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Asked by Seb Bally
Answered by Matthew Burman, IFA in Sandbach, CHESHIRE
As soon as possible ! Some insurers will not offer terms until the baby is born just in case there are any problems with the pregnancy, but most will be fine. The ques...
Asked by mrichards59
Answered by Matthew Burman, IFA in Sandbach, CHESHIRE
Couple of options, have you tried to downsize and reduce some of the mortgage or if things are really bad you could sell and move in to rented. Depending on your dispo...