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I am a very content husband and father of two wonderful children. I'm also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Managing Director of Jacksons Financial Services in Penzance, UK. I adore the internet and everything about it. I'm an iPhone addict and get so excited about the possibilities of Social Media and how they are changing the world. After reading 'Crush It' by one of my internet heroes Gary Vaynerchuk, I realised that I could use the internet and social networking to get a very important message across. So I set up to convey my belief that Financial Planning is really simple for the vast majority of people. It IS possible for anyone to achieve their goals, whether financial or otherwise, by following some pretty basic rules. The problem is that most people automatically assume that they'll never be able to achieve those goals, and usually for financial reasons. Hopefully what you'll get from me are simple tips and tricks to help you in your financial planning. If I can h

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Asked by Lindsay Johns
Answered by Pete Matthew, IFA in Guildford, SURREY
Hi again Poppy As is so often the case with written answers, the devil is often in the detail of what was left out. As such, my answer needs clarifying. I can see n...
Asked by marshdanny20
Answered by Pete Matthew, IFA in Guildford, SURREY
Totally understand where you're coming from Danny - new equipment is worth saving for, and it's to your credit (so to speak) that you haven't succumbed to the easy met...
Asked by Nicky
Answered by Pete Matthew, IFA in Guildford, SURREY
The only thing I would add to David's excellent answer above is the fact that interest on savings and dividends from shares are taxed at different rates than earned in...