Fundamental Asset Management Ltd

IFA in Rickmansworth, HERTFORDSHIRE


Fundamental Asset Management Limited (authorised and regulated by the FSA) is a specialist investment management and advisory firm. Our asset management services encompass Fund management CFD Advisory Inheritance Tax Planning QNUPS - Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme New Issues General portfolio management SIPP Management We offer bespoke investment advice and management to institutions, trusts and private clients and can present an excellent track record. Our investment management philosophy is one, as the name suggests, of fundamental analysis. Before making any core investment we spend a great deal of time conducting thorough in-depth research. Our senior team have many years experience in managing equities and we pride ourselves on being independent and objective. We have a specialist focus in the ‘Energy’ sector with our investment expertise supported by highly experienced industry consultants.

Mr C Boxall Langwood House 63-81 High Street Rickmansworth, HERTFORDSHIRE WD3 1EQ


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