Fixed rate 10 year mortgage payments calculator

What will be my monthly payments on a fixed rate 10 year mortgage?

The Fixed Rate 10 Year Mortgage Payments Calculator will help you to determine whether you can afford to buy your property on a fixed rate mortgage, by working out your monthly mortgage payments for any given interest rate. Although there are longer periods over which you can fix your mortgage rate, a 10 year fix gives you a certain amount of flexibility in that you can choose at the end of this period whether to continue with the same provider or shop around to try and improve your interest rate.

Once you have gotten through this 10 year period, you would automatically be moved to the provider's standard variable rate (SVR), which is a provider's 'default' mortgage rate. This SVR usually reflects fluctuations in the Bank of England's base rate, although there is no obligation for this to be the case. As a rule, SVRs are not very competitive, so after you have come to the end your 10 year fixed rate mortgage deal it is highly advisable to have a look around and see what else is on the market. If you then chose to fix again for the same period of time, the Fixed Rate 10 Year Mortgage Payments Calculator would help you determine not only which current deal is the best, but also whether the new deal you have found beats your previous mortgage deal.

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