Fixed rate 30 year mortgage payments calculator

What will be my monthly payments on a fixed rate 30 year mortgage?

You may be surprised to learn how much it is possible to save on your monthly repayments if you fix your mortgage for a longer period of time. The Fixed Rate 30 Year Mortgage Payments Calculator will help you to work out the total monthly repayments if you opt for a 30-year fix. This will make it far easier for you to save and budget accordingly. The reason why it often works out cheaper to take out a fixed rate mortgage for a longer period of time is that the mortgage provider can then be sure that you will be committed to them for a set period of time.

Be aware that if you choose to leave a fixed rate mortgage deal before the end of the agreed period, you may incur penalty fees that negate any benefit you may have gained from switching to another deal. You need to enter the total amount that you want to borrow into the calculator, as well as the interest rate being offered on the fixed rate mortgage loan. If you have seen a number of different products that are available, try all the different rates out in the 30 Year Mortgage Payments Calculator and compare the monthly financial commitments you will have in each scenario.

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