Household weekly utilities calculator

How much do I pay for my utilities every week?

Use the Household Weekly Utilities Calculator to work out how much you are spending in total on your electricity, gas and water bills as well as your telephone, internet and television subscriptions. Because these bills are often paid at different times of the month to a number of different providers, it is often hard to gauge the total financial commitment you are making to all these different services on a weekly basis.

Start by looking over all your household bills from the last six months. For each of your gas, electricity, water, telephone, television and internet bills (and any other ones not mentioned here), take the average spend over this six-month period by adding up the total spend from this time and then dividing it by six. Once you have this figure for each service, enter it into the appropriate box. Click calculate, and you will have the total weekly spend on utilities. If you feel that this figure is too high, you can then visit our Switching pages to try and improve on your weekly utilities spend. The Household Weekly Utilities Calculator is a great tool for helping you to get a tighter grip on your household finances.

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