Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance

Third party, fire and theft car insurance is the medium level of cover that you can take out for your vehicle. As a UK road user, you are legally obliged to have insurance for your car, but whether you choose third party, comprehensive or third party fire and theft car insurance is entirely up to you. Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance is really the minimum level of cover that is advised by insurers, due to the enormous expenses that a road accident can incur. Any less than this, and you have no cover at all for damage to your car or personal possessions, and as you can imagine, car repairs can run to thousands of pounds.

As the name suggests, with third party fire and theft car insurance you would be covered if your car was damaged by attempted theft, a fire or by lightening during a heavy storm. You would also be covered for any damages incurred during an attempted theft, such as damage to your car stereo or windows. When you are looking into third party fire and theft car insurance, make sure that you check with the insurer about the excess. Usually car insurance policies include a compulsory excess of between £100 - £150, which you are obliged to pay before the insurer will pay out for your claim. If you choose to pay a larger excess, this will reduce the cost of your premium.

Restrictions on Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance

  • If your car is worth more than £5,000, you would usually not be allowed to take out less than a comprehensive car insurance policy, since the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle would far outweigh the cost of your premiums on a third party fire and theft car insurance policy.
  • Some car insurance companies will specify that you must have a certain type of level of security on your vehicle, in order to be eligible for cover.  Check to see if certain features, such as an immobiliser, are required, or if any particular brand of car security is mentioned in the policy documents.
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