ISA 30 year value calculator

How much will my ISA be worth in 30 years?

The ISA 30 Year Value Calculator enables you to see how much your money would grow if you were to lock it away in a tax-free Individual Savings Account (ISA) for a 30 year period. If you have disposable income and are able to put aside some money each month, an ISA is a great vehicle to make some serious savings. The reason for this is that you are charged no tax on your interest (if you put your money into a cash ISA) or dividend payments (if you're investing in a stocks and shares ISA), and so keep every penny that you earn in savings. An ISA is like an annual wrapper in which you can keep a specific amount of money - every UK adult has an annual allowance of 10,200 GBP in the 2010-2011 tax year - and if you do not use the full allowance within that tax year, you lose it.

For example, if you put 3,000 GBP away in one tax year, you could not then go back and add more to it after the tax year has come to an end. You could only start saving in the new tax year. You can however continue to make tax-free interest and dividend earnings on the ISA money that you have put away in each and every tax year. Therefore, shop around not only for the best deal on your current allowance, but also look to move your ISA savings from previous allowances around to continue picking up the best deals in the market. If you have a number of different ISAs with different providers and different interest rates, simply enter the average interest rate into the ISA 30 Year Value Calculator by adding all the rates up and dividing that figure by the number of accounts you have.

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