ISA 50 year value calculator

How much will my ISA be worth in 50 years?

Are you a disciplined saver? If so, the ISA 50 Year Value Calculator is a great way of working out how much you are earning from the savings that you put away each year. Calculate the amount that you would earn tax-free from an Individual Savings Account if you were to keep moving the money between accounts so that it stays at a competitive interest rate. Unfortunately, you do need to maintain this level of organisation to make the maximum use of ISA savings, because an ISA provider will not keep paying out a high interest rate indefinitely. Some savers that do not keep on top of ISA savings from previous years find that their interest rates have reduced significantly from those that they were originally attracted to.

Firstly enter the amount that you have put away into ISAs, and then enter the interest rate that your ISA provider is paying. The ISA 50 Year Value Calculator will then work out how much you will have saved at this rate after 50 years - it's likely to be quite an exciting figure! The main thing to remember that if you take money out of the ISA it cannot be re-entered again, so aim to lock your ISA savings away for a set period of time if you can afford to do so. Of course, you can get easy access ISAs in the same way that you can find easy-access savings accounts, but as you are showing a minimal commitment to the ISA provider, you will not be rewarded with competitive rates.

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