Lifetime amount of money spent at the pub

What is the lifetime amount of money spent at the pub?

What is the lifetime amount of money that you will spend in the pub? Use the Lifetime Money Spent At The Pub Calculator to find out your expenses at a pub for the rest of your life. In the first tab, type in the digits of the average amount spent per week at the pub. Make sure you add up all the days of the week and sum it up.In the next tab, key in your current age. Once you have done that, the calculator does some quick calculations to produce the amount the money you would be spending at the rate of your current expenditure.

This simple and easy calculator gives you quick numbers on the perennially popular British pastime, drinking. Are you the sort who ends up in a pub every day after work or weekends? Do you often invite friends for a round of drinks at a local pub? Then this calculator is just for you. Whether you want to do some fun calculations or set limits on your expenditures, give it a go and make it work for you.

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