Actual cost of "free" mobile phone

What is the actual cost of a "free" mobile phone?

With the Mobile Phone Handset Cost Calculator, you can find out if the ''free' mobile phone you're being offered by a mobile phone provider is actually costing you quite a bit of money. Increasingly, carriers offer unlimited minutes and texts and many others to lure customers, which means that you can use your phone until your thumb feels sore and your phone melts into your ear. However, many times we get attracted by all that things we get offered for 'free' and we end up with a contract offering us things that we don’t eventually use.

The Mobile Phone Handset Cost Calculator will help you find out if the contract you have chosen suits your needs. If it transpires that your mobile phone is not exactly 'free' as you thought, you can fill in the details of another contract to find out whether a less expensive option would be better for you. The Mobile Phone Handset Cost Calculator will do some math here, and figure out how much your transmissions are actually costing you.

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