Time required to have £1 trillion calculator

How long do I have to save each year to have £1 trillion?

The Time Required To Have £1 Billion Calculator is just for fun. After all, you'd need a pretty high interest rate to achieve this kind of return (and we would certainly recommend some more sturdy financial advice with this level of investment). However we can all dream, so have a play and work out how many years it would take you to become a billionaire with different deposit amounts and interest rates.

For example, if you were able to save £10,200 per year (your annual total Individual Savings Account allowance limit), and locked this money away at a continuous interest rate of 3.5% for the full length of time, it would take you over 437 years. However it is not all bad news. If you did make full use of your annual ISA allowance each year, your savings could quickly mount up. An ISA is a special type of savings account in which all the returns that you make are tax-free. You can get both a cash ISA and a stocks and shares ISA, and you can invest a maximum of £5,100 into each every year. So have a play with the Time Required To Have £1 Billion Calculator and then get an ISA and start planning some more realistic savings goals!

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