Time required to have £1,000,000 Calculator

How long do I have to save each year to have £1,000,000?

If you have dreams of becoming a millionaire, the Time Required To Have £1,000,000 Calculator is a great place to start off your saving goals. Firstly, enter the amount that you can afford to save each year, and then enter the bank interest rate that you will get on your savings. If you are entering your savings into an account where you will be taxed on the returns, you'll need to enter the net bank interest rate to get a true idea of how long it will take you to earn a million.

However, if you are putting your money into an Individual Savings Account (ISA) or other tax-free savings scheme, you can simply enter the interest rate that you have been offered by your ISA provider. The maximum that anyone can save tax-free each year is £10,200, so assuming that you put away the maximum amount (£5,100 into a cash ISA and £5,100 into a stocks and shares ISA) each year at an overall interest rate of 3.5%, it would take you 43 years to save £1,000,000. Do remember that if you are making financial decisions involving investments that may put your initial capital at risk (as is the case with a stocks and shares ISA), it is advisable to consult an independent financial adviser first.

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