Wedding cost calculator

How much does a wedding cost?

Use the Wedding Cost Calculator to easily find out how much the happiest day of your life will cost you. Apart from love and happiness, a wedding usually means a lot of money out of your pocket. There many expenses that you should take into account, when planning how much money you are going to pay out. As you can see in the Wedding Cost Calculator, possible costs can include the venue, the cost of the food, of entertainment and of invitations and party favors. Other expenses include the cost of the wedding dress, the cost of the rings, the honeymoon... the list could go on forever! First, think carefully about all of the possible costs that you could incur, then make a list of them. The next stage is to price up all of the different costs, then just fill in the Wedding Cost Calculator to work out the total expenditure for your wedding. The calculator will help you to keep this special day within budget.

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