Over 65 Insurance


An over 65 insurance policy is something to consider due to the trend of increased mortgage terms.  With the current state of the economy, many citizens have found it necessary to extend the terms of their mortgages, leading those to still have mortgage payments into their retirement years.  

Also, because of inflation, and the general rise in prices of all purchased goods, people are finding the cost of providing a loved one with a proper burial service are increasing as well.  An over 65 insurance plan is an appropriate choice to help cover these costs, and leave your family to grieve without financial burden.

Being on the verge of retirement with any life insurance is a common occurrence to residents in the UK.  Having an over 65 insurance policy can afford you the ability to protect your family from financial burden.  The protection offered with an over 65 insurance policy will provide peace of mind for you and your family in the event of death.

Life insurance has the benefit of protecting financial obligations in the event of death, such as funeral costs and the cost of mortgage payments, or payments on other loans.  Due to the increased costs of mortgage rates and housing costs, over 65 insurance policies are becoming more and more common.  

There are guaranteed acceptance options for certain over 65 insurance plans.  This acceptance guarantee for over 65 insurance policies is typically dependent on whether or not the policyholder is in good health.  Good health is usually determined by proving the policyholder has had no incidence of terminal illness or history of any other pre-existing conditions such as cancer, heart, or lung problems.

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